School News

12 October 2019 - Mentorship Programme Kick-off Ceremony

On 12 October, the kick-off ceremony for the Mentorship program was held successfully. The Mentorship program is organised by the School's Careers Guidance Team and Past Student Association, and aims to provide Secondary 4-6 students with a deeper understanding of their future career paths. 62 students are matched for the whole school year with 21 past students working in different careers, the past students acting as mentors. Throughout the school year, they will share details about their jobs, insights to help in choosing a career, and even university admission procedures with their group. The Mentorship program is undoubtedly a meaningful event that can help students decide on their future paths, both in choosing a university degree and a career.

11 October 2019 - UBS: Women in Finance

On 11 October, 25 of our students visited UBS, a prestigious investment bank. They were honoured to listen to the chief executive of UBS Hong Kong, Ms. Amy Lo, share her insights into finance and taking up a leadership role. Our students actively raised questions after the sharing and gained many invaluable ideas.

Students also took the opportunity to talk with alumni working in areas of global business, human resources, private banking and wealth management, discussing how to choose their future career path and what they can do to prepare themselves well.

It was a precious chance for our students to explore the many possibilities in finance and gain greater insight into this important sector.

9 October 2019 - CB and PB Pinning Ceremony

The Central Board and Prefect Board 2019-2020 Pinning Ceremony was successfully held on the 9th of October in the School Hall. We offer our heartiest congratulations to new Head Girl Rachel Wong, Assistant Head Girl Jasmine Chan, Head Prefect Janice Choy, and Assistant Head Prefect Lorraine Chan as new leaders of our school. We would also like to recognize the newly appointed members of the CB and PB, and wish them all the best of luck with their responsibilities and endeavors.

The newly-appointed school leaders then swore their vows and expressed fervent dedication in their speeches, to serve the school and the entire Good Hope Family wholeheartedly. We look forward to the guidance and direction of our new leaders and hope for a fruitful school year.

20-21, 27-28 September 2019 - S1 Orientation Camp

The annual S1 Orientation Camps were successfully held on the 20-21 and 27-28 of September. During these special two-day events, S1 students had a memorable time participating in numerous activities and challenges both at school and at the Jockey Club Sai Kung Outdoor Training Camp. The activities were all designed to help students strengthen their bonds and develop important skills and attributes in the areas of communication, teamwork, and leadership.

In addition to having fun and building better relationships with each other, students were also able to explore their talents and identify their personal weaknesses and strengths. We hope that these unforgettable experiences will pave the way for our girls in becoming successful leaders of the future.

28 September 2019 - Ikani Parent-child Workshop

Ikani is a project initiated by four form 5 students, aiming to promote the importance of love, respect, acceptance and thanksgiving. Through a series of workshops and events focusing on the making of the “Ikani Bulb”, participants will have a chance to experience mindfulness and learn about the importance of wellbeing.

On 28 September, the Ikani Organising Committee organised an Ikani Bulb workshop for schoolmates and their parents. During the workshop, participants learnt more about the aim and goals of the project, the benefits of horticulture and gained hands-on experience in making the Ikani bulbs. It was an invaluable opportunity for schoolmates to spend quality time with their family and recognise the importance of wellbeing.

The Ikani Organising Committee will be holding a community event on 12 October (Sat) at Lok Fu Plaza. We sincerely invite you all to come and learn more about the project.

21 September 2019 - Wong Tai Sin Man Chi Scholarship 2018 – 19

The prize presentation ceremony of the Wong Tai Sin Man Chi Scholarship 2018 – 19, co-organized by Wong Tai Sin Man Chi Fund, Wong Tai Sin Industry and Commerce Association and Wong Tai Sin District School Liaison Committee, was held on 21 September.

We are delighted that Jasmine Tang, Katie Lo, Charlotte Yang and Ivonne Ho (Graduates of 2019) were awarded the Outstanding DSE Performance Award, and Herbie Chiu of 3B was awarded the Most Significant Improvement Award. The graduates also shared their study habits and the experiences they had during the public exams in the ceremony.

Let’s congratulate our graduates and Herbie on their outstanding achievements!

20 September 2019 - The Harvard Book Prize and Harvard Summer Scholarship Competition 2019

The Harvard Book Prize Ceremony 2019 was held on 20 September, 2019. Three senior students were awarded the Harvard Book Prize 2019. One of them outshone the other 143 candidates and won the prestigious Harvard Summer Scholarship Competition. The awardees are as follows.

Genevieve Kam (S.6B)—Book Prize, Mentorship Program

Jocelyn Cheung (S.6D)—Book Prize

Queena Lau (S.6F)—Book Prize, Scholarship

The Harvard Book Prize is awarded annually to sophisticated readers in the next-to-graduating class who have remarkable language proficiency and possess exceptional personal qualities. While all the three students were awarded the Book Prize, Genevieve Kam (S.6B) earned a special mention and was invited to join the Harvard Mentorship Program, meeting and learning from Harvard alumni in Hong Kong. Queena Lau (S.6F) demonstrated her wit and charm to the selection committee and won herself the honour of studying at the Harvard Summer School upon finishing her HKDSE in 2020.

Let’s celebrate the outstanding achievements of our students together!

18 September 2019 - Annual Swimming Gala

On the 18th of September, the Annual Swimming Gala was held at Kowloon Park Swimming Pool. It was an exciting occasion in which students competed in a wide range of events, among those was the exciting inter-class and inter-house swimming competitions. Throughout the day, students from different houses gave their all in cheering for their houses in an effort to support their house members. It was truly a day of unity and unwavering sportsmanship.

17 & 19 September 2019 - Central Board Platform 2019-2020

With the conclusion of this year’s Central Board election, we are excited to see what the newly elected student leaders will have in store for us. During the event, 21 well-qualified students possessing the desire and ability to serve, gave their all in pledging their promises and future plans with confidence in the capacities of Administration, Promotion, and Internal, External, and Religious Activities.

The platform allowed for the running candidates to showcase their abilities and talents in a variety of ways, including the completion of duty related tasks in addition to answering questions aimed at assessing their awareness and wit in terms of problem solving. The candidates also demonstrated excellent social intelligence when presented with floor questions from the audience. Teachers and students were then given the time to cast their votes to select their choice candidates for each particular role.

As every position in the Central Board is critical in setting the tone for the school year, we look forward to the leadership and direction in which the newly elected body of students leaders will take to ensure an enriching and fruitful school life for the Good Hope Family.

13 September 2019 - Club Promotion Day

TThe Good Hope Club and Team ExCo members were proud to once again take part in the annual Club Promotion Day. Students gathered in the covered playground to determine how and where they would like to pursue their talents and interests this academic year. During the event, ExCo members and teachers alike put in the effort to draw the attention of the huge turnout with hopes of amassing new membership. The crowd was also treated with two blistering performances by the Dance Club, which was well received and was sure to amp up the excitement overall. With the enthusiasm felt throughout the promotion, it is our hope that all students will have a much enjoyable and rewarding experience with their extra-curricular activities this school year.

6-7 September 2019 - Catholic Retreat

The Catholic students went on their annual Catholic Retreat at the start of the school year to reconnect with God and their faith. The much anticipated camp started with numerous team building and faith sharing activities. Upon arriving at the Y.M.C.A. Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village, a few new Catholic students shared their journey of joining the Catholic community. Through them, students learnt that God truly works in wonderful and unpredictable ways. After the barbecue, a special type of prayer was ministered - the taize prayer, where prayers were offered by the candle light with portraits of Jesus in the front of the hall for the people and social issues of our society. After the morning mass on the second day, one of our past Catholic students shared her life-changing experience in MARGIS and Palama's World Youth Day.

We are reminded to always count our blessings and to not take things for granted. This year's Catholic Retreat was definitely the perfect way for students to reconnect with God as well as prepare for the many challenges ahead in the coming school year.

5 September 2019 - Mass of the Holy Spirit

The annual Mass of the Holy Spirit was held on the morning of 5 September. Per tradition, students arrived early to the hall to sing hymns in unison preparatory for the service. Our School Chaplin Fr. Mark Anthony Sernaimpressed in our minds the notion that we all bear unique gifts, and that when we are one, our gifts combine to lift and take our school to even greater heights. He also reminded us to pray often for those who are in distress, for our society, and for those we love and care about. The service closed with the Liturgy of the Eucharist, where the thoughts and feelings of students were collected in small notes of paper and offered to the alter in reverent prayer. It is our sincere hope that we will all treasure up in our hearts the many blessings we have, and always remember to be grateful.

3 September 2019 - Opening Assembly and Presentation of Amy Wong Awards

With summer drawing to a close, sparkles of effervescence once again filled the hallways of the school as the Opening Assembly for the new academic year paves way in great anticipation towards what lies ahead.

Sister Pauline and Mrs Green set the tone for the occasion by introducing the new theme of the year – “Gratitude Unlocks the Fullness of Life”. Students were reminded to always remain thankful despite the ever-present challenges we may face in life be it now or in the future, and that even though as individuals we may uphold different beliefs or values, above all else, being respectful and accepting is of utmost importance.

The Amy Wong Awards then followed as the entire school joined to celebrate Charlotte Yang of 6F for receiving the Amy Wong High Achiever Award for her outstanding performance in the HKDSE. In addition, Stephanie Kam and Jasmine Tang earned the Most Improved Student Award for their efforts. We offer our heartiest congratulations to our fellow Hopers and wish them, and to our fellow schoolmates, the best of luck in all future aspirations and endeavors!

23 August 2019 - Remarkable Achievement of Our Graduates of 2019

It is indeed a great honour that Charlotte Yang, Karina Chu and Vera Shek (Graduates of 2019) were awarded under the Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence Scheme 2018/19 (HKSES). The Scheme was launched by the Education Bureau to support outstanding local students to pursue undergraduate studies in world-renowned universities outside Hong Kong. Karina and Vera are going to study at Imperial College London whereas Charlotte will further her studies at the University of Oxford.

Macy Chung (Graduate of 2019) was awarded a Prince Philip Scholarship. With the support of many generous donors, The Friends of Cambridge University in Hong Kong has funded and managed the Prince Philip Scholarship Scheme since 1981. The scholarship ensures that talented Hong Kong students receive full financial support to complete their undergraduate studies at the University of Cambridge.

Kitty Fung (Graduate of 2019) was awarded a D.H. Chen Foundation Scholarship. The scholarship was established by The D. H. Chen Foundation to provide full funding for undergraduate students from Hong Kong demonstrating exceptional academic merit to study at the University of Oxford.

Let’s congratulate our graduates on their outstanding achievements!


The 2nd 3D stop motion animation design competition

Best Shooting Award

SCMP Student of the Year Award

1st runner-up of the Linguist (Cantonese) category

Performing Artists

Performing Artists


Community Contributor

Science and Mathematics

HKCC Business Excellence Contest 2018-2019

Judges Commendation Award

Inter-School Tennis Competition 2018-2019

Third Place in Division One

Shaping Our Future City 2019

Champion and Best Poster Award

EDB Business-School Partnership Programme

Outstanding Activities Report Award

Asian Youth Championship

Silver Medal - High Jump
New Hong Kong Record in Medley Relay



The 12th Inter-Gavel Club and Youth Leadership Programme English Public Speaking Contest 2017

First Place

English Public Speaking Contest with C&MA Sun Kei Secondary School

First Place

Make Our Seas Come BLUE Eco-arts Parade

Group 3&4
Group 1&2

Secondary School Distinguished Artwork Exhibition 2017





HKFYG Standard Chartered English Public Speaking Contest

Third Place Award

Hong Kong Flower Show 2017- Student drawing Competition

Second Runner Up

Pinkart Gallery – Students’ Visual Arts Drawing and Painting Competition 2017

Overall Champion



69th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (English Speech)

First Place
Second Place
Third Place





18th International Meeting of Juvenile Art 2017

Second Place

The HKSAR Outstanding Students Selection

Top ten outstanding students

The 15th CILTHK Essay Competition

First runner up

Canon Photo Marathon 2017

Merit award

Media 21 Annual Campus Video Competition

Outstanding Drama Group

Healthy Comic Strip Contest 2016/17


International Junior Science Olympiad 2017 Hong Kong Screening

2nd Class Honour
3rd Class Honour

Xu Beihong Cup International Arts Competition 2017

First Class Award



Hong Kong Girl Guides Association – Chief Commissioner’s Guide Award

HKSSF Table Tennis Competition (Division One) Girls A Grade